The Conference was held on Friday, October 10th, 2008. Conference was planned and organized by the GRL Development experts and volunteers. GRL partnered with SICDA (Social Integration and Community Development Association) at the time of the conference still in organization. Please find below a clickable agenda, where you can download individual videos, PowerPoint presentations (wherever available) and papers (please note that not all of the papers are available at this time and that we are in the process of preparing transcripts).

AGENDA   (downloadable pdf version)

Welcoming words and introduction   

Jonathan Greenwald, Vice President, International Crisis Group (video);    Dr. Margot Gotzmann, President, GRL Development; Dr. Nicholas Kittrie, University Professor, American University (video);       Dr. Ken Weinstein, Chief Executive Officer, Hudson Institute (video)

MORNING SESSION                                                                                                            Chair:   Jonathan Greenwald, Vice President, International Crisis Group
  1. International Migration and Development - New United Nations Global Agenda for Migration and Development Policies (video) Soren Jessen-Petersen, Head of DC Office, Independent Diplomat & Fellow Scholar, US Institute of Peace                              
  2. A 3D Security Approach to Immigration: Considerations for Development, Diplomacy and Defense (video) (PowerPoint)   Dr. Lisa Schirch, Program Director, 3D Security Initiative                                                                                                          Questions and Answers
  3. Selected Examples of Immigration Policies in the World. Lessons to be Learned:
    (a) Second Thoughts about the Guest Worker Program. Lessons from the European Experience (video) Dr. Esther Lopatin, Visiting Scholar, Institute for the Study of International Migration, Georgetown University & Adjunct Professor, Department of Political Science, The George Washington University
    (b) Australia’s 200-year Experiment in Managed Immigration (video, p.1 ) (video, p.2 ) Dr. Greg Brown, Professor, Center for Australian and New Zealand Studies, Georgetown University
    (c) Canada (video) Dr. Shaista Khilji, Associate Professor, Human and Organizational Studies, Coordinator Masters Program, The George Washington University
    (d) Immigration, Faith and Identity - The Case of Israel (video) Dr. Avi Beker, Visiting Professor, Government Department, Georgetown University
    Questions and Answers (10’) (video)
  4. The Situation of the Largest Ethnic Diasporas in U.S. - Their Characteristics, Aspirations, Present Status and Perspectives of Successful Integration and Development: (a) Latin American / Hispanic groupings (video) (PowerPointDr. María-Amelia Viteri, Visiting Professor, Catholic University, Washington D.C.; Associate Professor FLACSO/Ecuador (Latin American Graduate School of Social Sciences)           (b) Strategic importance of the Chinese Immigration to the Composition of the Chinese American and Asian American Communities in the U.S.  (video)   Dr. Larry Shinagawa, Director, Asian American Studies Program & Associate Professor, American Studies, University of Maryland                               Questions and Answers  (video)                             
  5. Global Mobility and Lifelong Learning : Developing American and Global Citizens (video, p.1 ) (video, p.2 ) (PowerPoint) Dr. Maria Cseh, Director of the Human and Organizational Learning Program, The George Washington University & Member of Board of Directors, Academy of Human Resource Development;   Dr. Consuelo Waight, Professor of Human Resource Development, University of Houston                            Questions and Answers (video)  
1.15 - 3.45 pm       AFTERNOON SESSION                                                                                              Chairs:                                                                                                                                         Dr Maria Cseh, Director, The George Washington University                                       Dr. Ken Weinstein, CEO, Hudson Institute
  1. The Labor Market Effects of Immigration    (video)   Diana Furchtgott-Roth, Director, Center for Employment Policy, Hudson Institute                                                       Questions and Answers (video)  
  2. U.S. Immigration Policy in the 21st Century: Consistencies, Contradictions, and Conflicts with Current Law, Practice, and Broader National Policy Concerns   Kelly Ryan, Deputy Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, U.S. Department of State (video) (Paper); Amy Novick, Attorney, Maggio & Kattar, P.C. (video) (PowerPoint) Ben Johnson, Executive Director, The American Immigration Law Foundation (video, p.1) (video, p.2) (Paper) Questions and Answers (video included in the Ben's p.2 video)
  3. The American Society, Social Culture and Human Development  (video)(PowerPoint)     Dr Margot Gotzmann, President, GRL Development                        Questions and Answers                         
  4. Is Immigration an American strength? Voices of Representatives of Immigrant Societies, Local Governments and Non-profit Organizations Kevin McGuire, Executive Director, Family Investment Administration, Department of Human Resources, Government of Maryland (presented by Martin Ford, Executive Director of Maryland Office for New Americans) (video) (PowerPoint);   Lily Qi, Commissioner for Maryland Governor's Commission for Asian-Pacific American Affairs & President, Organization of Chinese Americans (video); Jenifer Smyers, Associate for Immigration and Refugee Policy, Church World Service (video part 1) (video) (Paper)  (PowerPoin)          Questions and Answers (video)
  5. Final Comments and Summaries. Recommendations and Action Plans


OVERVIEW:   U.S. sustainable development largely depends on how the immigration policy is able to harness flow of new Americans. There is a strong synergy between migration of people and socio-economic development of the country of their destination. The United Nations endorses the human right of people to migrate for economic and social reasons. The countries in the world’s avant-garde demand human rights for all. This historic process invites all to share local, regional and global experiences and best practices. A multi-disciplinary perspective is necessary. Experts in various fields, from economy and law through politics, to sociology, anthropology, cultural and organizational studies, and human resources will present the new perspectives to better benefit from this on-going chance.



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The Phillips Collection

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Participants (for a list of those who registered, dated Oct. 9th, click here):
those with interest in the field of immigration policies and/or socio-economic development. In particular: representatives of local, state and federal administration, academics and students, diplomats, journalists, scientific institutions, grantors, staff of the members of Congress, non-profit organizations and advocacy groups, representatives of U.S. and foreign businesses, business chambers and trade unions.



Organizers were honored to invite participants to the following exhibits: 

The Great American Epic: Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series at the venue of the conference as well as the Student Art inspired by The Migration Series. For the Curator's introduction, click here...

'Remembering 1882 Travelling Exhibit' Drawn from photographs, newspaper commentaries, political cartoons, and other objects in Chinese Historical Society of America collections, Remembering 1882 exhibit provides a flavor for the intrigue, passion and poignancy of this dramatic chapter in American history.



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