Fields of Expertise


(includes experience of GRL Development experts)


  • Managerial and entrepreneurial consulting for businesses in the field of finance, social security, environmental friendly and responsible business.
  • Research on managerial prerequisites and managerial learning in transitional economies.
  • Management of projects for banks to enter new pension funds markets through comprehensive processes of research, design, budgeting and implementation. Design and establishment of new specialized financial vehicles for banks (examples include multi-branch employee pension society and pension fund, with gross worth over 1bn$ in assets).
  • Design and establishment of pension funds’ financial supporting institutions.
  • Design and realization of scientific and business missions in countries of Middle and Far East (Egypt, Greece, India, Iran, Lebanon, Pakistan and Vietnam among many others).
  • Promotion of cultural aspects of socio-economic development through conferences and seminars.
  • International promotion of local businesses, brand creation & recognition.
  • Seminars for CEO's and HR cadre on the reform of social security system.
  • Governance and research for social security systems & state reforms on the global scale.
  • International development and cultural factors of economic development.
  • Eastern and Western models of economic development.
  • Financial intermediary system reform and regional integration
  • Role of financial institutions in pension system reform.
  • Economic and financial reforms of the state.

HUMAN DEVELOPMENT (sustainable human development, as UNDP concept)

  • Design, coordination, preparation and publication of the two first National Human Development Reports for one of the Central European countries (part of UNDP project) and consulting in realization of similar projects in the Baltic States.
  • Lobbying for changes in social security.
  • Research on sustainable human development from Eastern and Western perspectives.
  • Implementing projects that directly address basic health needs in Latin American communities.


  • Management of governmental agencies within medical rehabilitation, medical jurisdiction and development & education.
  • Preparation and publication of a report on the condition and development prospects of spas and health resorts.
  • Organization of national pro-health movements.
  • Research on issues of aging societies.
  • Research on spa centers as rehabilitation and back-to-work projects.
  • Design and creation of one of the the first ecological school in Central Europe.
  • Organization of national pro-ecological movements.
  • Organization development consulting, management training, and program evaluation in health care organizations serving HIV patients.
  • Global health program development and management.
  • Community health assessments in Latin America.
  • Collaboration building between communities, health experts and funders of public health projects.
  • Water quality research.
  • Health systems assessment.
  • Environmental health research, assessment and policy proposal.
  • Educational Workshops for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH).
  • Advocacy for land and resource protection of indigenous groups in Latin America.


  • Development of non-profit organizations’strategic agendas (organizations included those working in fields of: business aspects of European integration, intercivilizational and interreligious dialog, financial intermediary industry, corporate employee pension plans)
  • Design and organization of events devoted to the European integration.
  • Design and creation of non-profit organizations acting on local, regional and global scale.
  • Planning and organization of conferences on dialog between business and society.
  • Research on dilemmas of social governance and social policy.
  • Research devoted to the concept of social pathologies, pathologies of power and economic implications of social pathology.
  • Design and organization of conferences on minority rights.


  • Design and establishment of business schools in the transitioning countries (including design of the curricula and recruitment of a high-profile group of lecturers and national and international experts as members of school's Board)
  • Design and organization of a series of international high-ranking conferences and seminars on intercivilizational dialog.
  • Development and delivery of creativity and management trainings.
  • Development and delivery of courses in design, management, and reform of social security systems, social management through dialog.
  • Development and delivery of courses in management of sustainable human development (SHD) (strategies and options of SHD) Courses in the history of thought and the role of social elite.
  • Development and delivery of courses in creativity in management (methodologies and techniques), organizational development and change and general heuristics.
  • Design and delivery of courses in leadership, global issues in organizations, adult learning theory and practice and research design and methods.
  • Development and delivery of courses in general sociology and social policy.
  • Design and management of projects on Euro-Asian collaboration and intercivilizational dialog.
  • Organization of conferences on international politics (e.g. Israeli-Palestinian conflict)
  • Research on intercultural relations and human development in education, arts and social sciences.
  • Research on managerial education and quality management.
  • Research on cultural heuristics and multicultural management.
  • Research on multi-cultural organization development and change consulting.
  • Research on informal and incidental learning in the workplace and facilitation of learning in the workplace.
  • Research on European governance, corporate governance.
  • Research on new subjects and new instruments of social policy for social security reforms.
  • Expertise in anthropological research methods and qualitative research.
  • Courses for educators on teaching methodology in Latin America.


  • Organization of conferences on democracy in Asia and the Middle East, with engagement of non-profits from Iran, Pakistan and other countries of the region.
  • Conferences on minority and migrant rights in the United States and the diaspora.