About Us

Our work is based on joining various fields of expertise and scientific disciplines to find synergies and creative solutions to existing problems. This approach allows us to draw broad pictures of situations and build proper road maps to attain the established goals.

Our experts have been working on various aspects of socio-economic development (and with institutions including the UNDP, U.S. Senate, European Union, Asia-Europe Foundation, Academy of Human Resource Development, U.S. Department of Education, Knesset, number of U.S. and international universities (including American University, GWU, Georgetown, UMD, Latin American School for the Study of Social Sciences), and many others) creating synergy within the GRL Development .

Our current flagship project is a series of conferences and seminars devoted to the socio-economic development and quality of life in in the United States. The thinking behind it derives from the United Nations' paradigm of human development defined as creating an environment in which people can develop their full potential and lead productive, creative lives in accord with their needs and interests. People as the real wealth of nations shall be put in the center stage of development. Human development is thus about expanding the choices people have to lead lives that they value. And it is thus about much more than economic growth, which is only a means — a very important one — of enlarging people’s choices.

GRL Development is a member (observer status) of the Maryland Association of Non-Profit Organizations.