New Business Opportunities:
How to Successfully and Securely
Promote & Sell your Products and Services Online

FOR WHOM: owners of small and medium size businesses who have not yet explored nor fully embraced the potentials of the Web in promoting and/or selling their products and services
BY WHOM: Business & Society Center (part of GRL Development)
WHEN: 12 pm to 6 pm (lunch included), May 25th (Wednesday), 2011
WHERE: Historic London Town and Gardens, Edgewater, MD

TOPICS COVERED (in plain, non-geek language!): what are new optimal communication strategies | how to do better with e-business | what are the best strategies for search engine optimization | best of social media | our clients are on e-Main Street: online marketing | why e-commerce is an opportunity | how to protect my business presence online: internet & network security | ... and much more ...
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This seminar is designed to benefit small & medium size business owners and managers who have not yet or not fully embraced and benefit from their online presence  | Speakers are seasoned professionals with decades of business consulting experience and will not use ’geek language’, so attendees with limited technical backgrounds are most welcome  | Objective of the meeting is to change the online absence or under representation of small and retail businesses, non-profits and minority-run businesses.
DELIVERABLES: you will understand better the world of online business & social media—why they are so important today and how they are vitally connected to traditional way of doing business & social networking | you will be equipped with executive information to make proper decisions on how to establish your business’ online presence, how much time and money it will cost, what are the options, what is necessary and what is not | you will be aware of necessary precautions to take while taking your business online | you will be prepared and comfortable in taking advantage of modern solutions without loosing the human touch | besides we offer: free 30-minute phone consultation with Dan Therrell, free promo video by ADtek, discounts on printing and much more to win on a raffle... (click here to see more details)
... delivering to business community strategic, decision making knowledge
about online presence and online opportunities
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