Tourism and Hospitality
Annapolis, MD Conference | April 19th, 2012

Maryland Hall

for the Creative Arts

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OUTLINE:    The conference is mainly intended to comprehensively explore issues concerned with quality of life and well-being in the hospitality/tourism industry in relation to regional growth and development. The main focus involves the quality of tourist experience in the region, quality of life of community residents and hospitality/tourism employees in Maryland and the neighboring states. In times of global challenge and shifts in economic conditions of countries and regions, the theme of “quality of life” takes on a new meaning. This conference will cover ground-breaking research and best practices in hospitality and tourism related to quality of life..

FOR WHOM: The conference is primarily addressed to: professionals working in fields concerned with quality of life, wellness, tourism, hospitality and city/county/state socio-economic development; policy makers and government officials on the state, county and municipality level; business people & service providers, in particular in the tourism and hospitality sector; educators in related fields; artists & therapists; social & community leaders.

BY WHOM:     Business & Society Center (of GRL Development), Management Institute of Quality-of-Life Studies (MIQOLS), Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management, Pamplin College of Business of Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University (Virginia Tech), Social Integration and Community Development Association.

WHEN:    April 19th, 2012 (9am - 5.30pm)
WHERE:   Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts, 801 Chase Street, Annapolis, MD

TOPICS COVERED:      A comprehensive and interdisciplinary approach creates additional opportunities and solutions. This meeting will therefore address issues such as quality of life, human development, regional prosperity and new trends in tourism;   quality of life in the city and tourists-host community relationships;  life in balance – quality of work and life;   well-being:  what does it mean for tourism and hospitality business – new area of touristic experience;   cultural, economic, environmental, political & social capital and tourism.     More details in Sessions A-C descriptions in the pdf file downloadable below.
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... In times of global challenges and shifts in economic profiles of countries and regions, the theme of quality takes on a new meaning. This specific happening in developed regions and countries creates opportunities for local development practices to serve as models to benefit bigger communities. The State of Maryland and its cities have a lot of things to share. They are well positioned to take new steps in their sustainable development.

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