Dr. Stella Taylor
Change is Necessary. Case for Conducting Online Business: Using a Website

The Web vs. the Internet, Benefits of a website, Why should I get a website?, Small Business in Annapolis, MD, Benefit of website (case study), Large Business Case - Intel, Questions to ask yourself, Basic Building Blocks, What should your website look like?, Strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Videos, Database, You need track, measure and analyze your website, Problem Areas, Advantages.
Dan Therrell

How to Earn with E-Commerce. Understanding and Embracing Social Media

INFORMATION may be standing still, but the world is not. (Explaining basic internet terminology by providing analogies to more commonly understood systems, What is the internet, the world wide web, web 2.0, ecommerce, social media & the "adoption rate" of new technology?)
DATA that reveal the stunning evolution of : a) the internet and world wide web, b) current boom in ecommerce due to widespread acceptance by consumers, c) rapid growth of the online social platforms(Facebook, Linkedin, etc). d) innovation as a driver of change
VALUES...choosing your lifestyle and making quality of life decisions in a rapidly changing society. (Home-made (what is that?), High tech vs high touch, Privacy vs. Google Me!, Financial security vs. the lure of ecommerce consumerism, Real Relationships vs. 1000 friends) the internet, ecommerce, and social media have improved, or could improve, our everyday lives. (Hey look, no taxes, Free shipping!, How cheap can we get it?, The global community, The global marketplace, Social networking, social media, Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare)
JUDGEMENT...use it wisely, some things have not, or might not, turn out so well. (Hey look, no taxes, again. Rapid globalization and it's unintended results, Social isolation, Becoming anonymous, The evaporation of individual responsibility, Loss of privacy: Identity theft & security breaches) I feel about all this. (As a US citizen, senior citizen, business owner, consumer, husband, father, grandfather)
POSSIBILITIES...the future...yes, we can predict SOME things for sure. (The rise of solo-preneurs. Don't buy any bookcases. PC's are you own a truck? Will there be mustard?)

Roman Zeltser
How to Protect your e-Business in Online Environment. Necessary Precautions

Internet Era’s dangers in business environment
(Malware, Phishing/Social Engineering, Spam, Social Networking (Web 2.0), Wireless interception/hacking, Mobile Attacks on the rise, Internal threats (employees, physical access, more), How our site was hacked, ISPs: weak security).
Who does it and Why (Competitors, Cyber thieves, Hackers, Know Your Enemy, Seven stages of hacking attack, Some Statistics, Daily Headlines, What’s Your Antivirus Choice?, Applications and Attack Vector, Identity Theft and Privacy, Who Was Robbed?)
Your business and the Internet (scenarios) and how your computer network can be attacked (Home Office, Leased Office, You Can Fight Back! What, Where, and How: Advice, What you need to protect, Protect Your Business! Internal Security Policies and Regulations. Compliance with Government Regulations, Protect Your Desktop! Basic desktop protection recommendations, Protect Your Network! Perimeter protection, Educate Yourself and Your Employees, What is Security Awareness?, Seven FBI Suggestions
Is it enough? What you must do on a daily-basis.
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