For every participant of the conference:
25% discount
25% discount on any order of any size for every participant of the May 25th Conference.
Services: Copies, Printing, Scanning, Graphics, Mailings...Fast, Full Service, Convenient. Black & White , Full Color or Engineering Copies. Full Service Printing, Finishing and Mail Prep. We pick up and deliver, or you can email your files through this site. Walk, bike or drive in and park your car behind our building for free. We do legal copying and scanning for briefs, client files or court records, "Bates" stamping and Appeals Courts filings. Our 35 year commitment to quality and service will make you look good on paper or in cyber space.
Contact: Jim Martin, 115 West Street, Suite 100, Annapolis, MD 21401, phone: 410 269 1484, email:, website:
30 minute free consultation 30 minute long free consultation (over the phone) for every participant of the May 25th Conference on matters related to Dan's presentation.
Other services: social media marketing, search engine optimization, traditional marketing services, website design and implementation, WordPress website's and blogs, WordPress custom themes, WordPress plug-ins and widgets website and blog integration, freelance photography, freelance videography. Contact: Dan Therrell, Fairhope, AL, phone: 251 510 8820, email:, website:
free promo video
(for Annapolis based businesses)
30-second free spot, as outlined on the website, shot and produced by ADEK Productions. Destination Annapolis (DA) is a FREE service to Annapolis Based businesses. DA is an innovative video-based business directory. It's designed to offer visitors a virtual tour as well as a more personal look into each business in the community rather than the usual written or pictorial-based directory.
We are 181 members strong and have been online for just about 3 months now.
A FREE 30-Second Promo Video is included in our FREE Basic Membership.
Membership is open to any Annapolis based business that fit into at least
one of our 16 categories:
To learn more about the specifics, check out our FAQs about this topic:
Contact: Sarah Wilkerson,, 410 268 9109, website:
 To be won on a raffle (you have to be present during the draw):
two Silver Lifetime Memberships The Online Sellers Association is offering up 2 Silver Lifetime Memberships free as give-aways at a raffle (value: $497.00 each). The Online Sellers Association was created to provide the new online seller the assistance they need to get started right, to support existing online sellers in moving progressively, and successfully, forward with their online business efforts, and to provide the experienced seller with a peer group, and mentoring, for the sharing of concepts and exploration of new ideas. Together we can succeed no matter what the current financial climate may be.
Contact Rev. Stephen B. Henry, PhD., Executive Director,, 620-728-1371, website:

three Premium Membership

Destination Annapolis is offering up 3 Premium Memberships free as
give-aways at a raffle. The total value of a Premium Membership is $1700.
Membership includes a 2-3 minute ³infomercial² which is much more detailed
video that includes an interview, etc.², hence the ³infomercial² title.
Check out our YouTube Channel to view our Member infomercials:
It really is a great opportunity for businesses to use multimedia resources for
advertising and marketing their businesses. The videos we produce are not
only displayed on, but YouTube as well. Not to
mention that members can freely embed the video into their own sites ­ if
they don¹t know how they can use ADEK Services to help.
Contact: Sarah Wilkerson,, 410 268 9109, website:
2 hours of service
(for Annapolis based businesses)
Will Get I.T. Done offers two hours of their services to an Annapolis-based winner of a raffle. Will Get I.T. Done provides full service computer consulting and operational assistance for everyone from the personal home user to fully networked small businesses. We bridge the knowledge gap by providing expert advice and assistance at every step along the way. Our mission is to help technology be the best tool it can be for you. Call on us to help you find the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions for all your I.T. needs.We are committed to communicating in clear terms that everyone can understand. “Like having your own I.T. Department--but without the staffing costs or headaches”
Contact: Will Small,, 443 336 0491, website:

one year subscription for online training WordPress offers 1 year subscription for online WordPress Training by Value $150.00. Open source WordPress has been incredibly successful and risen from a handful of users to the most-used blog tool in its category. Provided through WordPress, Open Source Training teaches people how to use Joomla, Drupal and WordPress.  In fact, we teach more students in more classes than everyone else in the industry combined. We teach everyone from staff members at Apple, IBM, the White House and the United Nations to stay-at-home moms and small business owners.
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