Dr. Stella Taylor
Stella Taylor, PhD is an Assistant Professor at Towson University in the e-Business and Technology Management Department in the College of Business and Economics. Dr. Taylor teaches a course on Principles of e-Business. Prior to coming to Towson, Dr. Taylor worked at Accenture as a consultant and manager for over 13 years. She worked with various clients on implementation of a large online application to create databases, outsourcing, business process re-design and project management. Dr. Taylor has recently published an article reviewing local companies utilizing Search Engine Optimization to increase their profits on the Internet in Baltimore Business Review. Her research interests are focused on e-Business, SEO and information visualization.
Roman Zeltser
Roman Zeltser is working as a consultant in the Information Security field since 1999. He consulted several private companies as well as Social Security Administration (SSA) where he is currently responsible for forensics analysis of all SSA servers in UNIX environment. He’s been working with many security tools and technologies helping his customers to protect the network infrastructure and develop the Risk Models for various platforms and operating systems. Roman’s hands-on experience includes firewalls, content filtering servers, anti-virus and anti-spam software and appliances, intrusion detection systems, virtual private networking and remote access, private key infrastructure technologies, hardening servers and desktops, writing and working with security standards and policies, designing the security-related courseware, and teaching the IT Security classes. Roman has achieved several industry certifications including CISSP (Certified Information Security Systems Professional). Roman Zeltser is writing security-related articles in his blog, and he is an active member of an Expert-Exchange and LinkedIn forums. He is Director & CEO of RTEK 2000.
Dan Therrell
Dan works for his own business: So-Me-Chef providing social media tutoring & training and is the business marketing consultant for Retro Marketing. He provides website design, hosting, and online marketing services for numerous businesses, professionals, and nonprofit organizations. The current focus of Retro Marketing is providing online marketing consulting, and implementing Google advertising and social media tools such as WordPress blogs and Facebook Business Pages. Dan also enjoys opportunities to provide private tutoring and public training seminars for "anything internet". Dan's extensive profile on LinkedIn.

Dr. Margot

Margot is the Head of the Business and Society Center and President of the private, expert-based consulting company: GRL (Global, Regional, Local) Development Ltd. She is an international consultant, scholar, manager, social activist and problem-solver. She offers lectures on topics related to complementary education, modernization, quality of life, creative and syn-creative management, creativity in problem solving and sustainable socio-economic development. She has coined the term of 5-C Education and developed 5-C Education program for the Business & Society Center.
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