Inspiring Sustainability and Self-SupportInspiring Sustainability
and Self-Support

Development should always lead to subjective, healthy, safe, economically successful, creative, environmentally sensitive, human dignity-, and common good- oriented life of individuals and communities.


The sustainable development plans shall reflect objectives and values of particular people living in particular time and place, be in sync with multiple but all significant factors: cultural, social, geographical, historical, technological, organizational and other - so that they can inspire sustainable self-supportive processes and enlarge the scope of beneficial choices. We recognize the necessity of including cultural aspects in the developmental equation.

Our focus is to bring knowledge and expertise to respective agencies, organizations, businesses, and social groups. In general, our seminars and conferences are educational in nature and are not for profit or any other gain.

Under GRL's auspices, a new training center has been created: 5-C Education Business and Society Center, where the 5-Cs stand for five characteristics of the new educating/training concept: (1) complementary, (2) comprehensive, (3) creative (syn-creative), (4) culture-oriented and culture-sensitive and (5) caring. Feel cordially invited to our educational conferences within the GRL's Business and Society Center.

Inspiring Sustainability and Self-Support


"Quality of Life and Regional Development. Tourism and Hospitality" conference has been be held on April 19th, 2012 in Annapolis, MD. The conference was mainly intended to comprehensively explore issues concerned with quality of life and rest as well as with the direct impact of these issues on regional growth through the development of hospitality and travel industries. The main focus was be placed on the issue of quality of tourist experiences in the region, quality of life of residents and hospitality & tourism businesses’ workers in Maryland and neighboring states, as well as tourism & hospitality development. In times of global challenges and shifts in economic profiles of countries and regions, the theme of quality takes on a new meaning. Ground-breaking new international research in the field of quality of life and tourism was presented. 2011_05 business conference

"New Main Street is Online
". Conference was held on May 25th, 2011 in Londontown Historic Town & Gardens.2011_05 business conference


GRL (Global, Regional, Local) DEVELOPMENT is an expert-based organization, working in favor of local, regional and global socio-economic development and quality-of-life progress, helping communities, businesses, educational institutions, international organizations, governments and governmental agencies in planning and implementing their successful developmental agendas. Our work is not for profit.

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